Want the Bible training with Sandhya and Riana?

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Is it Possible to Enter Into a Radically New Relationship with the Bible? Short Answer: YES!

What's Included:

In this course, you'll discover how to...

  • Interpret with Suspicion, so you can protect yourself and others​

  • Interpret with Action, so you can be empowered to effect change​


Meet Your Instructors


Sandhya R. Jha


Sandhya Rani Jha (she/they) is an author, anti-oppression consultant and pastor. They were lucky enough to go to a church growing up that expected them to read through the Bible in both fourth and eighth grades and to ask questions and challenge assumptions about it. Both the love of the Bible and of challenging the status quo really stuck.

Rev. Riana Shaw Robinson

Rev. Riana Shaw Robinson (she/her) is a preacher, pastor, and prophet. Riana is passionate about speaking the truth in love and offering invitations for people to love God, self, and neighbor.

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