Radical Self-Care for Do-Gooders:

Clergy and Activists, We Mean You!  

$197 Special Introductory Rate

Wednesdays, July 7-August 11

1-2:30 p.m. Pacific (recordings will be available if you can’t make it live)

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How do you know if this class may be for you? If you....
  • Think you may be near the edge of burn out but may not recognize the signs
  • Have self-destructive thoughts intrude in your mind, disrupting your day to day life?
  • Consistently find that days off evaporate?

Does "Self-Care" Feel Like a Distant Dream?

(If it does, you're not alone!) 

There can be another way to engage in radical self-care so that you can actually learn to thrive in your ministry and work.

Sandhya R. Jha and BK Woodson are offering a class that approaches self-care as a radical act of love and compassion for the do-gooders of the world. Clergy and activists, we're looking at YOU! 



Meet Your Instructors


Sandhya R. Jha

Sandhya Jha (she/they) is an anti-oppression and racial equity consultant with a history in policy, community organizing and multifaith advocacy. She loves to preach, write, and share a VERY strong cup of tea and some great with friends and friends-to-be. Oakland is her one true love.

BK Woodson

Servant BK Woodson, Sr. is a creative catalyst. He uses his talents as an author, pastor, community organizer, husband and father to inspire the best in all he has the privilege to meet.
Maybe the course "Radical Self-Care for Do-Gooders" is for you!
Join Sandhya R. Jha and Servant BK Woodson as they help you navigate the ups and downs of self-care. We're talking about more than manicures or days off (though those are important, too). This kind of self-care is engaging in a lifestyle that is sustainable and ultimately leads you to a lifetime of care that provides you joy, even when the world is, well, burning.  

Each week covers an area that will assist you in finding deep care for yourself as you engage your challenging work and ministry. Hint: if you find it really hard to take a day off....then this course might be for you. In each module, discover concrete and effective ways that you can discover self-care in new ways that will impact your life immediately. Plus, it will also impact your community and the constituents whom you serve. Imagine if they could also catch on to the value of self-care in their lives. The world would change right away!

This class is for clergy and activists who are ready to rise to the invitation to care deeply for themselves. In each session, you'll have the opportunity to gather with others in your field and engage in the radical act of loving yourself fiercely. 

Nuts and Bolts You Need to Know!
- Course materials will be pre-recorded and "go at your own pace"
- 6 Modules total
             Module 1: Body work
             Module 2: Community Care Strategies
             Module 3: Healing the Hurt
             Module 4: No more Burn Out 
             Module 5: Mystics can Help
             Module 6: Working Differently
- Weekly Zoom Sessions for discussion, practice, and sharing 
- Access to the course materials for 6 months
- CEU credits available 


What's Included?

Body Work

Get in touch with your body so that you notice stress and respond differently and efficiently to it so that it is held at bay 

Community Care Strategies

Be empowered to create a community of care and avoid having everything on your shoulders so that  you can actually have that healthy work-life balance

Healing the Hurt

Heal your childhood wounds so that you can reduce your current adult stress and live freely

No More Burn Out

Unburden yourself from the things weighing you down and vow not to burn out so that you can reclaim and sustain JOY

Mystics Can Help

Become a mystic! Build in mysticism to your practices and connect with the ineffable so that connecting feels like a treat again

Working Differently

Learn from the latest thinking around emergent strategies to create a solid foundation for your work so that healing and justice are realities in your life

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