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Does "Self-Care" Feel Like a Distant Dream?

What's Included?

Get in touch with your body so that you notice stress and respond differently and efficiently to it so that it is held at bay 

Community Care Strategies

Be empowered to create a community of care and avoid having everything on your shoulders so that  you can actually have that healthy work-life balance

Healing the Hurt

Heal your childhood wounds so that you can reduce your current adult stress and live freely

No More Burn Out

Unburden yourself from the things weighing you down and vow not to burn out so that you can reclaim and sustain JOY

Mystics Can Help

Become a mystic! Build in mysticism to your practices and connect with the ineffable so that connecting feels like a treat again

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Meet Your Instructors


Sandhya R. Jha

Sandhya Jha (she/they) is an anti-oppression and racial equity consultant with a history in policy, community organizing and multifaith advocacy. She loves to preach, write, and share a VERY strong cup of tea and some great with friends and friends-to-be. Oakland is her one true love.

BK Woodson

Servant BK Woodson, Sr. is a creative catalyst. He uses his talents as an author, pastor, community organizer, husband and father to inspire the best in all he has the privilege to meet.

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