10 Simple (and Powerful) Ways to Transform Your Community with Rev. Sandhya R. Jha

Become empowered to transform YOUR neighborhood and create a just and loving world.

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Welcome from Rev. Sandhya R. Jha


Can transforming your communities be easier than you think? Yes, one person at a time. We're especially calling all gardeners, Sunday School teachers, bus drivers, and ordinary people who are ready to make extraordinary impact. In this course with Sandhya, you will discover five tried and true strategies for transforming your communities so that you are empowered to make them healtheir, safer, and poised to thrive. 


Meet Sandhya R. Jha


Sandhya is a respected and inspiring speaker, preacher and workshop leader. Her particular areas of wisdom for speaking are violence prevention, diversity / cultural competency / radical justice, models of healthy communication for organizations, congregational transformation, community outreach, and addressing systemic justice issues (including housing and economic justice).


10 Simple (and Powerful) Ways to Transform Your Community

People like you do it everyday!

Are you a gardener, child care worker, Sunday school teacher, or someone who shows up for neighborhood events and just wishes there were more of them? 


Congratulations, because you ARE the Changemakers we’re looking for! 

The world’s problems sometimes seem so big. We think that no matter what we do, it’s only a drop in the bucket – is it worth doing at all? It can be overwhelming, but Christians are called to make an impact. The truth is that even seemingly “small” steps can have huge impact in our communities. Perhaps … you really ARE a changemaker but you just have not known it? 

People just like you do it every day, and you can too.

Perfection is not necessary for transformation. Saying “yes” with the skills and talents you already have is all that is needed. Discover the power of saying “yes” to what God is calling you. 

With Sandhya  R. Jha,  you'll discover 10 ways  to engage in powerful transformation ... and these  are tools that are available to EVERYONE. This course is for you if you long to be an agent of change but you’re not sure how to go about doing so.

Specifically, you will discover....

  • The power of telling your story so that you can harness your own experiences for mission 
  • The power of recognizing assets so that you can discover the strengths of others
  • The power of listening deeply to your community so that you can match your gifts with needs
  • The power of empowering communities so that you know you are doing God’s work
  • The power of blooming where you’re planted so that you make a difference right where you are – no more delays.

If you are ready to claim your power as a changemaker, then we invite you to join us for the course 10 Simple (and Powerful) Ways to Transform Your Community with Rev. Sandhya R. Jha.

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