Un*Silence Domestic Violence with Rev. Courtney Armento 

What's Included?

Watching for Red Flags

Discover the warning signs for domestic and intimate partner violence that is hidden in plain sight.

Creating Safe Space

You CAN create safe space with simple, effective techniques so that those who are suffering can have a space to breathe.

The Grief Process

Discover how to support people in their grief process as they begin to untangle themselves from abuse

Teens and Elders

Teens and elders have special considerations when they are experiencing abuse; discover how to support them and what to know

Broadening Awareness in Your Community

You are part of an entire community that can dramatically reduce domestic and intimate partner violence. Discover how in this module and get connected.


Courtney is providing you with an entire packet of material that will illuminate resources and easy "hacks" to implement in your context!

A few nuts and bolts for you:

  • 10% of your tuition is tithed to Disciples Seminary Foundation


Discover How to Respond Sensitively with Courtney Armento


Courtney Armento graduated from Claremont School of Theology with an MDiv in 2019. She is driven to inspire the power of community to create systematic change, in that vein, she co-authored resolution GA-1928 with Rev. Yvonne McCoy, A Call to See and Respond to Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence (DV/IPV), which was adopted at the General Assembly for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in July, 2019. Courtney is certified in domestic violence crisis intervention.


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This course was developed at Disciples Seminary Foundation (DSF) as part of the DSF Discover program. We are thrilled to continue this material in this format with the permission of DSF, and 10% of your tuition is contributed to DSF.